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This page is being updated. Red Maple Grove formed fifteen years ago in 1999. Since then a relatively large number of people participated and moved on, some to other groves in the Ottawa area. Names and bios of past members, some long past, are now removed. Current members wishing to have a bio here are, or will be, listed and their bios appear, or soon will appear, below.

At present, twelve Red Maple Grove members are members of Ar nDraiocht Fein. We have other grove members and there are a number of other people who routinely come out to our events and public rituals, as well as the handful of children who can usually be found at any of our rituals.

According to our bylaws, elections are held at our Annual General Meeting on or around Samhain, and terms are for two years, from Samhain to Samhain. Those currently serving the Grove in leadership roles include Lee Bruce (Senior Druid) and Sheila Woodgold (Scribe).

Green (Michael McKenny) was born in Ottawa and has lived up and down the Ottawa Valley. He joined ADF at Imbolc 1999 and has been with Red Maple since its beginning around that time. His academic background includes an Honours BA in Latin and Classical Civilization. He is a voracious reader and student of human archaeology, anthropology, spirituality and literature. Some of his encounters in these fields may be observed at: http://www.alsandor.net/solarguard/index.html.

Farrell McGovern (Tecchno Druid)ADF member since 1997 and Red Maple Grove member since 2002, Farrell's hearth cultures are Celtic and Greek. He has served on the ADF Mother Grove, first as Chronicler (Editor-in-Chief of Oak Leaves, then as the first Regional Druid for Canada. Previous to being in Red Maple Grove, he was member of Silver Fox Grove in Montreal. You can read more about him here

Wally Harris member for the past ten years enjoys performing music.

Erin Danielle has been a member since 2008. She has gone through a rough year with cancer treatments for Stage 4 lymphoma, sarcoma and bone cancer. All fully in remission - gods be praised! She is also our new Deputy Regional Druid for Eastern Canada.