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At present, eleven Red Maple Grove members are members of Ar nDraiocht Fein. We have other grove members and there are a number of other people who routinely come out to our events and public rituals, as well as the handful of children who can usually be found at any of our rituals.

According to our bylaws, elections are held at the meeting directly before Samhain, and terms are for two years, from Samhain to Samhain. Those currently serving the Grove in leadership roles include Lee Bruce (Senior Druid) and Sheila Woodgold (Scribe).

In addition, the following members (many previously with the grove and moving elsewhere) have chosen to share a brief introduction, to help people get more of an idea of who we were and are. Touch wood, we'll soon update this to say more about current members. Current members are encouraged to send brief bios to Michael so they can be added here.

Green (Michael McKenny) was born in Ottawa and has lived up and down the Ottawa Valley. He joined ADF at Imbolc 1999 and has been with Red Maple since its beginning around that time. His academic background includes an Honours BA in Latin and Classical Civilization. He is a voracious reader and student of human archaeology, anthropology, spirituality and literature. Some of his encounters in these fields may be observed at: http://www.alsandor.net/solarguard/index.html.

Farrell McGovern (Tecchno Druid)ADF member since 1997 and Red Maple Grove member since 2002, Farrell's hearth cultures are Celtic and Greek. He has served on the ADF Mother Grove, first as Chronicler (Editor-in-Chief of Oak Leaves, then as the first Regional Druid for Canada. Previous to being in Red Maple Grove, he was member of Silver Fox Grove in Montreal. You can read more about him here

Wally Harris member for the past ten years enjoys performing music

Past Members

Judith O'Grady: Thanks in part to my Irish Grandmother (may she be singing with the angels) and in part to my inescapably personal belief in ethnic personality, I have spent a lifetime studying Irish folklore, history, and culture. Inevitably (the best stories are the pre-Xian ones after all), this leads to a study of Druidry as well. I have been inching my way into the Grove for a year and a day, and today (All Souls Day of 2005) I am honored to be a part of the triumvirate performing the Scribe's duties; Lee and Sadie having agreed to help out with the responsibilities.

Apart from the lore, I also do divination with Ogham and Runes, Granny Magic for friends and acquaintances, and hold freely shared opinions on millions of subjects. Some of these can be viewed at my website or, if I am not struck by paralyzing shyness (as sometimes happens), can be elicited in person.

Ian Clysdale: I am a druid: I believe in the power of words to change the world. I am an activist: I believe that the world needs changing, and that I should be part of that change. I am a socialist: I believe that we can speak that change together. [See my work on the ADF study program.]

Michel Daw has been a member of ADF for almost two years (as of March 2010>. As a Hellenic Druid, he enjoys the rich heritage available through the Greek histories and mythologies. Nevertheless, his UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) happily informs his religions expression.

Laurie Stewart has been active in the local Pagan community for about fifteen years. Self described as "a Celtic reconstructionist with strong Druidic leanings", Laurie is currently working her way through the Dedicants Program with an eye to the Priesthood.

Together with Jim Johnston and Lee Bruce, among others, Laurie founded the Temple of the Sacred Grove, an eclectic pagan Temple, now one of the largest open groups in Ottawa. As past President of TOSG's board of directors, Laurie now sits on the Council of Elders for the Temple. An independant film-maker, tarot reader, and prolific writer, Laurie considers herself a Bard and a Seer.

Marc, aka Greylocks: Bard, Shaman, Healer, "The guy with the Harp or the nifty swords". Jack of many trades. Claim to fame; helping with Awakening Isis, and making several folks 'melt' at Kaleidoscope :)

Mirus: I've been a solitary practitioner for many years. I freely give my worship to spirits, of land, water and air. It's not that I don't believe in gods, they just get in the way;) I don't truck in their idiosyncrasies. I've met a few during my wiccan years, and prefer spirits. I find that I am attuned to the land.

I have found that in my life I am very lucky. I'm not sure how I have become a lodestone for luck, but it has happened. Speaking of luck, after the last open grove rit, has anyone found themselves with more luck than usual? I wished to donate some luck to those in the weather ravaged areas. I am not sure how it affected others, but instead of me being without luck, I have had an enormous amount manifest around myself and mine.

My job keeps me from spare time. So much so, that I seem to only be able to meet up with others, once every few months. I've never actually searched for my specific spirit guide, but I know that I am taken care of. Perhaps when I get a moment free...